2007 Alta Partners Tournament
Men's College Basketball Championship
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Good morning tournament players, 

Can you believe it??  The one scenario I refused to even acknowledge last week has come true!  Congrats go out to the Florida Gators in what was just an excellent display of outside shooting last night.  "3" after "3" went in and with it OSU's hopes for a national championship went down for the second time in 90 days. 

I was sitting there at one point begging Florida to make the lay-up, because if they missed, they'd get the rebound, pass it out, and instead it was an easy 3!... Meanwhile, at the other end of the court, OSU also shot 3 after 3, sorry let me correct that - brick after brick! - What is soooo wrong about getting in the paint racking up some fouls and getting an easy 2 - 3 with Oden on the team??? 

Congrats go out to this year's winners: 

1st place -     Brad Negulescu - (his Mother and sister are both two of Alta's finest!)
2nd place -    Ron Parthemore - who had an outstanding tournament and was near the top round after round picking 84% of the entire bracket correctly!
3rd place -     Byron Hoogwerf II – Son of Dr. Hoogwerf who has been associated with the Diabetes Association of Greater Cleveland (and Camp Ho Supporter for many years)

Remember these names and take pity on the three, I suspect these same names will soon be on milk boxes across the State of Ohio as each chose an OSU v. Florida final - with Florida winning!  It kills me to say this, but that was a good call.

I hope you all enjoyed the tournament again this year.  I want to thank the Camp Ho players who have stayed on and welcome the American Lung Association players we have added.  Remember, with your help we raised a total of $1,130 for the American Lung Association and, with Alta Partners matching contribution, the lung association will receive a total of over $2,200!! - Thank you all for helping. 

I want to remind all again that the American Lung Association's Asthma Walk is fast approaching, on Saturday, June 23rd at 9am at the Crocker Park Mall.  Over 500 walkers participated in last year's festivities and we're hoping to eclipse that total this year.  I will be sending out an email later this month formally inviting you to put together a corporate team for the walk and help us raise funds to help find a cure for Asthma, a disease that kills 12 people across the US every day.

Take care all, GO TRIBE!

March 27, 2007

Good morning,

I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend's worth of basketball games and that your teams are one of the four teams who will be playing next weekend. But, if you are like me, that's not happening. Did you see how tough UCLA played Kansas Saturday night! - WOW, if I was handicapping the remaining games, I'd have a hard time not choosing UCLA to go all the way. Their defense was really impenetrable.

Looking at the various scenarios, I see that Lisa Geraci is really in the driver's seat providing UCLA can get to the final, where, under either scenario, she's into 1st or second place money. My brother John is really hoping UCLA plays Georgetown, while Deb Lauricia and Bill Gill are hoping it's an UCLA v. OSU match up.

The Georgetown folks should not be discounted though. My cousin Dave and Bill Cook (not his wife Betty, whose hopes faded Sunday.....into Carolina blue) are both in the money if Georgetown gets into the final, with either Fred DeGrandis or Tim Glatz also pinning their hopes on a Georgetown victory.

I guess in some ways, Bill Gill doesn't care too much who wins, as long as its OSU v. UCLA as he's in the $ either way. But it DOES matter to Austin Buit and Matt Rocco, because it's a payday for them ONLY if OSU beats UCLA in the final.

Now.... looking at the other OSU final match up, there is of course.... the rematch! - OSU v. Florida -- I can't believe this could even be a possibility after last January.. But if the NCAA gods can work their magic (can you imagine the ratings for this re-match of sorts!) then Brian Himmel and Roger Ruch would finish 1,2, IF and only IF OSU can get their revenge.

Lastly, there are those who picked Florida to win....again. If it's the Gators over Georgetown, then Robert Straub and Maureen Negulescu would be very happy. IF the Gators should defeat OSU for a national championship for a SECOND TIME IN THREE MONTHS... then... OH just forget this...I'm not even going to discuss this possibility... IT'S JUST NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!

I've also reviewed the scenarios "from the bottom up" and, curiously, I see the same names surfacing regardless of the scenario... Let's see Mark Parrington, Rick Byrnes, Jim Sperk, Bill Gurney, Sue Kruger. All these players must be obviously more conscientious about Asthma awareness then about their knowledge Men's NCAA basketball.. Your contributions are very much appreciated!

I hope you all enjoyed the competition this year. On behalf of the American Lung Association of Ohio, I very much want to thank you for your support and hope that you have enjoyed the format. We have three more games to enjoy! Good luck to those still in the competition! Have a great week everyone, and pray for SNOW! (I’m in Utah as I speak, hoping for a powder day on Wednesday).

Take care all.


March 19, 2007

Good morning tournament players,

I hope you enjoyed the weekend worth of non-stop basketball games and that you all are liking your chances now that we are at the Sweet 16.

So much for all this hullabalu (sp i'm sure) about our "bonus points" system which gave those who picked a last tier seed team some extra points for calling the upset. There were NO bonus point games this year in any of the rounds! Those who went for the long shots lost this year as there just weren't many upsets over the weekend. In fact, of all the Sweet 16 teams, the lowest seeded is a 7, with all #1 seeds still in play.

That means most of our players brackets aren't busted yet, (except for those who picked Texas - Bill Gurney and Rick Byrnes--what were you thinking!)

Kudos goes out to our new #1, my ex, Lisa Geraci... as we now have a woman on top of the tourney. Lisa got 14/16 second round picks correct and jumped her way to the top. However, Lisa also picked Texas to make it to the final, and may not have enough point opportunities to stay #1 all the way through.

Ron Parthemore, you were doing great... almost perfect, but Wisconsin cost you the #1 spot. Betty Cook, as always, and I mean "as ALWAYS- for 7 years now!", is close to the top. As for the children participating, we have Dan's son, Nick doing well, as well as John Bookmeyer's son.

Congrats also go out to one of Dr. Hoogwerf's brackets, for also gettting 14/16 second round picks
and to Mark Kissenger who also went 14/16.. Hey Kiss, have you seen Goodman or the Duderino this year?? I haven't.... still looking..... oh here they are, right above Nate Hershey, in 82nd place!

Mark Parrington, one question?, Why do you continue to punish yourself like this year after year?? Finally, John Bookmeyer, one word of advice, listen to your kids!

Have a great week all, email Mike back at this address with any comments / harrassment you care to share , we'll circulate throughout the week.


March 16, 2007

You’ve heard the saying, “Every dog has his day”, and so much here is your proof! - After numerous mediocre starts in previous years, there he sits today, “on top of the world”, Brian Kenyon, in first place with 15 out of 16 picks after last night’s competition! In fact, Brian was one of four contestants who picked 15/16 last night. No one got the “perfecta”, but congrats also go out to Jeff Tetlak (who is dating one of our employees, Carla, and was last years’ second place winner – he obviously knows how to make the right choices!), long time healthcare crony, Ron Parthemore, and my cousin Dave Cindrich. Congrats to all, but remember it’s still early.

The leading females after the first 16 games are my betrothed, Cheryl Kidwell, and Mary Ellen Ruch who both got 14/16 picks, and are not very far behind.

The ones who got hurt the most were the players looking for the upsets. Mike Michelakis, Alta’s tournament webmaster thought he had it “all figured out”, and now is sitting in last place 27 points hitting only 9/16 picks. And get this! – last year’s winner, Neil Smith – is right there with him with only 27 points. Oh and ,of course, Dick Fintz, is in last place too, but I wanted to report on items that were newsworthy…

All the rest of us are in the middle somewhere with a lot of games to be played and hopes not crushed as most of the favorites won last night. Mike will TRY to get the website updated after each night of games, so you can follow over the weekend.

Again! - Your $$ to play is DUE on Monday!!! Get your checks in the mail to avoid getting kicked out of this year’s tournament - $20 - Make Checks out ($10 American Lung Association, $10 to Stan Kasmarcak) – or $20 to Stan and mail today:

Stan Kasmarcak
Alta Partners, LLC
902 Westpoint Parkway, Suite 320
Westlake, OH 44145

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all, enjoy the games.

March 15, 2007

Well you did it, we have a record! - 109 players this year have signed up for this Years’ Tournament… THANK YOU! That’s the most we’ve ever had since we started this up. I appreciate the many players who have returned from year’s past and welcome the players added from the American Lung Association- Collectively, you raised $1,090 for the American Lung Association (assuming everyone gets their money in timely) coupled with a matching donation from Alta Partners of $1,090 for a total of $2,180!!!, not too bad.

The Alta Partners, LLC web site now is up to date and players can now see everyone’s picks and other information I think you will find interesting. For first year players, browse around, there’s lots a cool information to check out that I am sure will make you less productive where you work these next few days - It’s ok , it’s only once a year…(that’s what I keep telling myself).

Here’s a breakdown of how everyone picked to win the championship:

Ohio State 43
Florida 19
Georgetown 14
North Carolina 12
Texas 4
Kansas 8
Memphis 2
Texas A&M?? 1
Wisconsin 1

Only 10 teams picked, not too much variation. I give those a lot of credit to those who picked OSU to go all the way??!~ …but did you watch the NCAA Championship Football game???, or was that just a dream..er nightmare!

I’m quickly flagging those who picked Florida to win...if I find out that these people live in Ohio – I’m hiring a high school crew to go out on a TP excursion.

Well, the games have now begun, sit back, relax, and enjoy. I’ve sent the email out privately to protect your privacy, If you want to send out an email to someone specific, notify me and I’ll get you the information you need.

Thanks again, best of luck to all, now back to work.

Place Name Last,First Points
1 Negulescu, Brad 445
2 Parthemore, Ron 410
3 Hoogwerf II, Byron 399
4 Tetlak, Jeff 393
5 Kroeger, Jim 387
6 Straub, Robert 383
7 Misch, Ken 382
8 Negulescu, Maureen 376
9 Hoogwerf, Byron MD 374
10 Himmel, Jordan 373
11 Kasinec, Dan 371
12 Verona, Bob 369
13 Monda, Jack S. 360
14 Himmel, Brian 360
15 Ruch, Roger 358
16 Hoogwerf II, Byron 2 357
17 Coyne, Mike 357
18 Kampman, Jeff 356
19 Fitz, Greg 354
20 Eyler, John 353
21 Kenyon, Brian 347
22 Walunis, Scott 347
23 Ebner, Carl 347
24 Bookmyer, Brennan 343
25 Shook, Abbie 340
26 Kasinec, Alex 336
27 Gill, Bill 332
28 Casarona, Leigh Ann 325
29 Fintz, Dick 325
30 Buit, Tim 324
31 DuPerow, Matt 321
32 Byczek, Ron 321
33 Shafran, Norm 316
34 Buit, Austin 315
35 Cindrich, Dave 314
36 Lee, Emily 312
37 O'Neill, Tom 312
38 Ruch, Mary Ellen 311
39 Kasinec, Nick 309
40 Schmidt, Ron 309
41 Cook, Bill 308
42 Cook, Betty 296
43 Jorgensen, Fred 295
44 Glatz, Tim 294
45 Rocco, Matt 293
46 Dalton, Jennifer 293
47 Thome, Jim 292
48 Brown, Rick 292
49 DeGrandis, Jessica 290
50 Hoogwerf II, Byron (Upset) 288
This years’ the entry fee is $20. $10 of your contribution will go to the winner's pot, the other $10 will be donated to the American Lung Association of Ohio. All participants are welcomed to enter as many times as they wish based upon their bracket strategies.

Send checks to: Stan Kasmarcak
Alta Partners, LLC
902 Westpoint Parkway Suite 320
Westlake, OH 44145

IMPORTANT CHANGE FOR 2007: In order to help pay out the winners timely, we need to collect the entry fees timely. This has proven to be a challenge over the past few years, but not anymore!

Payment due date is March 19th.
Similar to last year, prizes will be given to the top three players with the most points:

1st place - 50% of pot

2nd place - 30%

3rd place - 20%
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